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Over 1,000 corporations in 70 countries are relying on VPGMarketResearch.com as a single source of continuously updated quality market intelligence, expert analysis, and strategic insight, critical to the development and implementation of effective business expansion, R&D and marketing programs. more

Latest market research reports and technology assessments from the world's leading publishers and consulting firms that help our clients make better and timelier decisions. more

VPGMarketResearch.com offers creative consulting services and conducts proprietary single-client assignments, that address clients' specific business objectives, information needs, time frame and budget. more

VPGMarketResearch.com is an international market research, publishing and management consulting firm, providing syndicated and custom services to corporate executives and key decision-makers in the healthcare, biotechnology, chemical, food and beverage, electronics, and other industries. The company’s services include:
         bullet Market Intelligence Surveys
         bullet Opportunity Analyses
         bullet New Technology/Product Assessments
         bullet Acquisition/Joint Venture Evaluations

During the course of numerous proprietary single-client consulting assignments and over 100 multi-client studies, VPGMarketResearch.com has developed an extensive database on various industries, technologies, markets, companies, products, and executives worldwide.

VPGMarketResearch.com has served over 1,000 corporations in 70 countries, and has established a broad network of domestic and international contacts with industry executives, opinion leaders, and experts from leading universities, research centers, the financial community and the government.
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